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Jodie Ounsley "Fury" Visits Danesfield

Having won a nationwide competition for schools run by Sports Directory (PE equipment supplier) and Canterbury (worldwide rugby brand), students at Danesfield were treated to a visit by Exeter Chiefs rugby player, Jodie Ounsley, who also stars in the TV show Gladiators as ‘Fury’. During the visit, Jodie helped run a rugby coaching session where students wore ear defenders to develop an empathetic understanding of playing sports with a hearing impairment. She then hosted an inspirational assembly and insightful Q&A session where she shared her personal journey, encouraging students to chase their dreams with resilience, no matter what challenges they face.


Jodie ‘Fury’ said, ‘Meeting these children today has been so much fun, it's been heart-warming to share in their excitement. I'm honoured to share my journey with them and hopefully empower them to embrace their own unique abilities. It's important they know that anything is possible, regardless of any perceived limitations.’ PE teacher, Steve Ladd, said, ‘Today has been extraordinary for our students. It's been a rare and remarkable chance for them to be inspired by a true icon in the world of rugby and sport. Jodie was amazing with everyone, sharing her time, insights, and invaluable experiences with our students, leaving an indelible impact. I'm confident that our school community, especially our budding rugby players, will leave today's event brimming with joy and inspiration.’

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