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Year 6

Please see below for the autumn term weekly expectation for tutor group homework in year 6.  We understand that many children lead busy lives with other activities outside of school.  Therefore, it is up to you and your child to discuss and time-table homework duties.  There is no expectation to work at the weekends, but equally some families find it more convenient.  Therefore, we set the homework over a whole week for you to fit it in as best as you can.


Children are to write their homework in their diaries, these are then checked by tutors every Monday, and signed by parents every Sunday before the week starts. Your tutor will contact you if homework is persistently late or incomplete.  However, if your child is struggling, we want to help.  We run a daily homework club that your child can join for anything up to five days a week. Please write in your child’s diary if they are struggling with completing homework in the set time frame. We can then adapt and amend to support

Year 6 Homework Timetable