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Online Safety 

Technology has become integral to the lives of children's lives both in school and their lives outside school.

The internet is a powerful tool opening up opportunities for everyone. These technologies help us learn, stimulate discussion and promote creativity, increase awareness of context to promote learning. Young people should be entitled to safe internet access at all times.


The requirement to ensure that our children are able to use internet technology safely  is addressed in the wider duty of care to which all who work in schools are bound. Our E-Safety policy helps to ensure safe and appropriate use.


Some of the dangers children face online:

  • Access to illegal or harmful images or contact
  • Unauthorised access to/loss of / sharing personal information
  • Grooming by those who wish to make contact
  • Cyber bullying
  • Inappropriate communication 
  • Access to unsuitable video games
  • Inability to evaluate the quality/accuracy/relevance of information on the internet
  • Plagiarism/copyright infringement
  • Illegally downloading music/videos
  • Excessive use impacting on social development/learning

As with all risks it is impossible to eliminate them completely therefore it is essential through good education to build pupils resilience and awareness of risks to which they are exposed, giving them the confidence to deal with them. In order to help you support your child we have provided a selection of links to websites supporting e-safety and a copy of a leaflet produced by Childnet International: