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Danesfield Church of England School Living and Learning Together

Who's Who

Rob Lakin:                      WSAT Chief Executive Officer               

Trudy Danby:                  WSAT Chief Operations Officer             

Sebastien Crossley:       WSAT Director of SEND

Barbara O'Keefe:           WSAT HR Manager 

Daniel O'Keefe:              WSAT Finance Manager

James Ryan:                  WSAT Catering Manager


Leadership Team:

David McGrath:            Headteacher

Mark James:                Deputy Head, Pastoral Manager KS3, Assistant Safeguarding Lead /Head of Science 

Joseph Murch:             Senior Teacher KS2, Designated Safeguarding Lead/Transition KS2/ WSAT Student co-ordinator 


Heads of Department and Teaching Staff:

Katie Attwood:               Music/Performing Arts Teacher

Charlotte Bailey:            Art Teacher 

Petri Cole:                     Year 6 Teacher

Charlotte Coley:            Senior English Teacher

Angela Crockford:         Food Technology Co-ordinator

Sarah Daniel:                Year 5 Class Teacher

Heather Davidson:        Year 5 Class Teacher 

Dan Howe:                    Head of Maths

Bernardo Kerr:              Year 5 Teach First Student 

Joseph Knight:              Science - PGCE Student Teacher    

Steven Ladd:                English & PE Teacher

Sue Legge:                   Year 5 Class Teacher

Nicky Mossman:           Year 5 Class Teacher

Andrew Pearce:            French Teacher / Careers Co-ordinator

Hannah Strode:            Year 6 Class Teacher/Teach First Student

Harry Symons:              French & Humanities Teacher

Devin Vaughan:            Head of Computing/Science Teacher

Madeleine Websdale:   Year 5 - PGCE Student Teacher

Sophie Wichard:           Year 6 Class Teacher and KS2 Humanities Co-ordinator


Pastoral Support Team:

Stephen Wild:             Cover Supervisor

Laura Tasker:              Emotional Health Worker, Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Sue Burt:                     Parent & Family Support Adviser for Danesfield, Knights Templar, Old Cleeve & St Peter's Schools


Learning Support Staff:

Emma Ahmet:            Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Trina Clausen:           Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Pascale Cridland:      Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Angel Ford-Hill:          Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Jackie Fullbrook:        Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Brendon Pentland:     Teaching Assistant Apprentice 

Andrew Riggs:           Teaching Assistant /Lunchtime Supervisor

Tina Steel:                  Teaching Assistant /Lunchtime Supervisor

Emma Umfreville:       Apprentice Teaching Assistant 

Sue Usher:                 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor 

Suzanne Wilkinson:    SEND Manager

Rebecca Williams:     Teaching Assistant /Lunchtime Supervisor


Pupil Learning Support Centre:

Sue Hopkins:            Team Leader/Librarian

Louisa Rastrick:        Reprographics Technician


Technical Support Staff:

Anthony Ayre:          WSAT ICT Support Manager

Pauline Miller:          Science Technician

Simon Sizer:            Polytunnel Technician, Garden Maintenance and Lunchtime Supervisor


Administration Staff:

Ilze Babbage:           Receptionist 

Dinah Bishop:           Finance Officer - central team

Helen Hatfield:          Clerk to the Governors/SLT Admin Support/WSAT Website Manager

Sue Mottershead:     Assistant SEND Manager / Pastoral Administrator

Kellie Willis:              Pupil Data and Admissions Administrator


Premises Team:

Lee Dunlop:              WSAT Premises Manager

Ray Griffiths:             School Caretaker


Mid Day Lunch Supervisor:

Tracey Hobbs


School Cleaners:

Jackie Blair

Simon Brewer

Karen Dyer

Gillian Galley

Emma Groves

Aneliese Parfitt (maternity leave) 


Kitchen Staff:

Kate Cooper

Tina Cottrell

Abi Draper

Gill Galley

Caroline Percy

Sue Towells


Visiting Music Teachers:

Danesfield is privileged to benefit from the services of a dedicated team of visiting music teachers. Pupils are withdrawn from class for lessons on a number of instruments and singing. The time table is organised to ensure that children are not always missing the same lessons.

If you would like further information regarding this then please contact the school office.