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Danesfield Church of England School Living and Learning Together

Who's Who

Meet the Staff 

Leadership Team

Extended Leadership Team

Heads of Department and Teaching Staff

Pastoral Support Team

Learning Support Staff

Student Teachers

Mid-day Lunchtime Supervisor 

Administration Staff

Technical Support Staff 

Premises Team

Catering Staff

Senior Leadership Team                       

Mr R Smith                                                 Interim Head Teacher, Director of Education 

Mrs K Swannack                                        Deputy Head Teacher Behaviour and Attitudes & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Extended Leadership Team                

Mrs S Daniel                                               Teacher of Year 6-8 & KS2 Curriculum Lead

Ms L Hewitt                                                Head of English

Mr D Howe                                                 Head of Maths

Teaching Staff   

Mrs R Standford                                       SENDCO                                         

Mrs N Mossman                                       Teacher of Year 5

Mr B Kerr                                                   Teacher of Year 5

Miss E Hake                                               Teacher of Year 5

Miss F Coleman                                        Teacher of Year 6

Mrs P Ilyes                                                 Teacher of Year 6

Miss S Thompson                                     Teacher of Year 6

Mr J Sussex                                                Teacher of Maths & PE

Mrs R McGonigle                                      Teacher of Art

Mrs A Crockford                                        Teacher of Food Technology

Mr A Pearce                                               Teacher of French / Careers Co-Ordinator

Mr S Ladd                                                   PE/English Teacher

Mr J Williscroft                                         Teacher of Humanities

Mr D Vaughan                                           Head of Computing/KS3 Science Teacher/House Coordinator

Miss K Attwood                                         Head of Performing Arts/KS3 Maths Teacher/PSHE Coordinator


Learning Support Staff

Miss E Ahmet                                            Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Fullbrook                                         Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T Hobbs                                              Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs E Ingram                                             Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs G Naum                                              Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr B Pentland                                           Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Sokol Stevens                                Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms T Steel                                                  Teaching Assistant /Social and Emotional Support

Miss H Theakston                                     Academic Mentor 

Ms E Umfreville                                        Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Usher                                               Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr M Wilcocks                                          Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Woolgrave                                       Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor  


Student Teachers

Miss F Rose                                               Primary PGCE Student from Exeter University                                                  

Pastoral Support                                      

Mrs M Geary                                            Pastoral Manager / Cover Supervisor KS2

Mr S Wild                                                  Pastoral Manager / Cover Supervisor KS3/PE Teacher

Pupil Support Staff                                  

Mrs D Bishop                                            Admin Assistant/ Finance Officer

Mrs S Burt                                                 Parent, Family Support Advisor

Mrs B Harratt                                            Receptionist

Mrs H Hatfield                                           Admin, Clerk to Governors/ Website Manager

Ms C Henstock                                          Librarian/First Aid

Mrs S Mottershead                                  Administrative Assistant – SEN / Pastoral

Mrs P Miller                                               Science Technician

Mr S Sizer                                                   Gardening and Polytunnel Technician / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Tasker                                               Emotional Health Worker, Deputy DSL

Mrs K Willis                                                Office Manager, Pupil Data, Headteacher PA and Admissions Administrator

Premises Staff              

Mr P Allen                                                   Cleaner          

Ms S Barrington                                         Canteen Staff

Mr S Brewer                                               Cleaner

Ms K Cooper                                               Canteen Staff

Mrs T Cotterill                                            Canteen Staff 

Mrs K Dyer                                                  Cleaner

Mrs G Galley                                              Canteen Staff / Cleaner

Mr R Griffiths                                             Caretaker

Mr J Penn                                                    Cleaner

Miss C Percy                                               Canteen Staff