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School Uniform

Uniform Update Letter from the Headteacher - March 2022

Children in Years 5-8 are required to wear our royal blue school jumper with the school’s logo. Children must also wear a white polo shirt with the school’s logo. We are replacing the polo shirt with a plain white shirt and house tie over the course of the next academic year.

Grey trousers and skirts must be worn. Skirts must be knee length. No other colours are permitted. (Boys and girls may wear tailored grey knee length shorts.)

  • Black or grey coloured tights are allowed.

  • Socks should be black or grey.

  • Children must wear black school shoes that are laced, buckled or Velcro. Other shoes are not allowed.



Make up, nail varnish and false nails are not to be worn at school at any time. Long nails are not acceptable (please see the PE policy).



One small stud in each ear. Nose, face and body studs are not allowed, nor the wearing of jewellery for safety reasons.



Long hair that touches the shoulder must be tied back with plain black or grey bands.

Hair ornaments, (including braids) should not be worn for safety reasons.

No patterns or tramlines should be shaved into the hair or the eyebrows. Hair should not be shaved below a grade 2. Hair should not be obviously dyed or bleached.



Belts are only appropriate if they are used to hold up trousers or skirts and should be worn inside the belt loops of the garment. Belts should be black and plain.



PE kit remains the same and consists of blue socks and shorts, PE Shirt for boys and girls,  Rugby top for boys and fitted fleece top for girls. Football boots for Rugby/Football and a gum shield for contact sports.




House ties and Shirt