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Danesfield Church of England School Living and Learning Together


“Our maths teacher is great. He lets us work at our own pace and he gets everyone involved in the lessons.” Year 8 pupil


Our intent for the Danesfield Curriculum in Maths is to ensure that all pupils:


  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics
  • To be able to reason and solve problems


At Danesfield, these skills are embedded within Maths lessons and developed consistently over time. We are committed to ensuring that pupils recognise the importance of Maths and can use mathematical skills and knowledge confidently in their lives in a range of different contexts.


We use the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to help pupils understand Mathematics and make connections between different representations. Emphasis is placed on mathematical language and questioning so pupils can discuss the mathematics they are doing and take ideas further. We want all children to enjoy Mathematics and to experience success in the subject. We are committed to developing children’s curiosity about the subject, as well as an appreciation of the beauty and power of Mathematics.