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Religious Education

“I find it interesting to learn about other religions. It’s useful because if I went to another country I would know about the different festivals they have and I could join in. RE helps you to be a more rounded person.” Year 6 pupil


Religious Education at Danesfield enables children to learn and understand features of major world religions, cultivate appropriate attitudes (including respect and tolerance) and develop religious literacy through written and spoken reflection and response.


Children are taught the key and supplementary beliefs of each faith through a mixture of religious texts, illustrative artwork and metaphorical exercises, giving them the opportunity to understand complex religious and cultural ideas at a level they can apply in their own lives.


They broaden and deepen their attitudes to religion, cultural differences and their own beliefs through purposeful discussion, interrogation of theological concepts and the application of ideas to current world affairs and relevant local or individual examples.


From early on, they explore and investigate religious concepts through the specific language used within and around significant texts. In developing their responses to these ideas, they begin to use increasingly challenging vocabulary and grammar, leading to confident religious literacy.


In this respect, RE lends itself well to the development of all aspects of literacy, a uniquely essential set of skills necessary throughout life. Open-mindedness with the positive recognition and acceptance of differences in our world are married with the British values of freedom and equality.