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Art and Design Technology

“I love art as I have so much freedom to express myself. We did a great origami project and I am really proud of what I made.” Year 7 pupil


The drive behind the Art and DT curriculum at Danesfield is that we want our students to be exposed to as many creative practises as possible with the aim to help them to find their area of passion with a potential for career development as adults. So many of the jobs in the creative arts sector are rewarding. We want our students to ensure they have as broad a curriculum in the Arts as possible by creating a curriculum rich in techniques and materials.  We want our students to explore, experiment and express. Our aim is progress not perfection. We want to develop and grow creativity.


The Art and DT department work closely with Music, Drama and Food Technology to build a collaborative curriculum. We have strong links with our local community, particularly in Watchet, where many of our students come from. We work with Contains Art and one of the Community Involvement Officers to develop Arts within the community. Our aim is to develop more jobs in the local area that enhance and celebrate art in our community, ensuring young people do not have to leave the area to get jobs in the arts. Most recently our students have been a part of the designing process in the creation of East Quay Art.


Our intent for the Danesfield Curriculum in Art and DT is to:


  • Nurture creative thought


  • Develop creative practice


  • Encourage creative exploration