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The DMS Experience

The DMS Experience

The Danesfield Experience is part of our Personal Development strategy to create an umbrella of understanding of the holistic offer to our students within the tutor programme and beyond subject specific learning.

The DMS experience will be delivered by the tutor and will focus on LORIC attributes, as well as other key areas;

LORIC Challenge Level and Rewards

As students progress through the school their LORIC challenges will get harder.


Year 5: Apprentice Level

Year 6: Graduate Level

Year 7: Expert Level

Year 8 : Master Level


In years 5,6,7 they will receive 5 house points and a certificate for completing all of their challenges each half term.


In year 8 their challenges are a lot harder, so they will receive 10 house points and a badge for completing all of their challenges

You can find the details about the challenges underneath.

The DMS Experience