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Year 8 History

The Reformation

Year 8 pupils are currently studying the English Reformation.  They are finding out about the impact of Henry VIII's motives for the break with Rome and the impact of his actions on the English people.


The next study block will be the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

The Spring Term topic for Year 8 History is Britain's Transatlantic Slave-Trade.  Pupils will be finding out about how and why slaves were transported from West Africa to the Caribbean and the United States, what life was like for plantation slaves and why this trade was eventually abolished.  They will learn important new skills, such as evidence-handling and statistics as well as pursuing independent enquiries about how slaves were punished. 


There is a homework project to complete alongside this unit of work, which is available below, should the original booklet get lost.  Pupils need to collect 6 points by completing a number of tasks in the booklet.  This will make use of the knowledge acquired in History lessons, but will also require some independent research to extend their knowledge even further.  


The homework will be due in the final week of this half term and the individual History teachers will set a final deadline for the work to be completed.


Year 8 History Homework Booklet

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