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The Elements Of Music

A film for to introduce people to The Elements of Music. Background music: Irish Dance by Andrew Downes. See website for teaching ideas, worksheets and other resources

Music Theory: Note Names, Rests & Dotted Notes

This video introduces each of the main types of notes, their rest symbol and explains the purpose/meaning of dots. It is intended as a 'beginners guide' to those students studying music theory.

Learn Notation Song

Teach children how to read music in video form. Teacher's are free to use if they feel it will benefit their students. Notes on a line do the rhyme 'Every Good Boy Deserves Football' (i know it doesn't rhyme) Notes in the space spell FACE. ┬ęDan Morley

Amazing Grace Easy Notes Sheet Music for Beginners in treble Clef for Violin Flute Recorder Oboe

Sheet Music soon in "1000 Sheet Music for your Instrument" by Post your sheet music in our web.Contact us. Best Regards.