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Danesfield Church of England School Living and Learning Together


In December 2021 we changed the name of our Local Governing Body to Local School Council.

WANTED: Parent-elected Local School Councillors - deadline 9 May. 

For more information please contact the Clerk via the School Office 

The Local School Councillors act as a "critical friend" to the school, monitoring and overseeing the smooth running of the school and supporting and listening to staff and parents. 

Meeting minutes are in the public domain. You can request to see them in the school office.

Alternatively email the Clerk, Mrs Helen Hatfield at


Meet the Local School Council 

(formerly known as Local Governing Body) 

Danesfield Local School Council is part of The West Somerset Academies Trust

For more detailed information visit

Further information:


Please contact the Clerk Helen Hatfield if you are interested in becoming a Local School Councillor or wish to learn more about the role.  Alternatively, visit the National Governor Association website:


Danesfield Local School Council:

Jill Ewen                       WSAT Trustee Rep :     23/01/21 - 22/01/25 SEN and Pupil Premium Monitoring

Kirsty Cornish               Foundation:                  26/06/18 - 25/06/22  PE Monitoring

Nicola Cottrell               Foundation:                  04/07/21 - 03/07/25  Behaviour/Attendance Monitoring

Mickey Green               Parent Governor:         17/10/18 - 16/10/22  Quality of Education/Eco Schools Monitoring 

Dan Howe                    Staff Governor:             23/03/22 - 22/03/26

Andy Kingston James  WSAT Board:               15/04/20 - 14/04/24  Careers monitoring 

Hayley Lake                 WSAT Board:               12/10/20 - 11/10/24  Safeguarding, Leadership/Management Monitoring,

Rob Lakin                     CEO WSAT (invited) 

David McGrath             Headteacher of Danesfield School 


WSAT Scheme of Delegation


Governance Handbook - March 2019 see page 58 for "readily accessible"







Term of Office

Appointing Body

Business Interest Declarations 

Daniel Hartley

**(resigned 31/12/21)

Head - 01/09/2018Head none

Joanne Turner

**resigned 03/07/21

Safeguarding Governor

03/07/17 - 04/07/21

DBE Appointed

Employee at Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre. NHS

Director: Mellory Ltd

Andy Kingston James


01/05/16 - 30/04/20

01/05/20 - 


WSAT Board Appointed

Community Governor 

Member of Minehead Town Council/ Employee Hedley Price Funeral Directors/ Company Director AKJ Human resources

Kirsty Cornish

PE monitoring

26/6/2018 to 25/6/2022.

Diocese appointed 

Employee Old Cleeve Teddy Bears Nursery (part of WSAT)

Mark Westwood

*Resigned December 2017



01/05/16 - 30/04/20


Employee at Danesfield

Tiffany Doughty Davis

*Resigned December 2017



01/05/16 - 30/04/20


Employee at Danesfield

Nathan Speers

**(resigned 26/4/18)

H&S Governor 

06/07/17 - 05/07/21


Employee WSC

  Jill EwenPupil Premium / SEN10/05/17 - 23/01/25WSAT Board Appointed

Supporting Leaders in School (Consultancy)

Priory Court Management

ITEG Solutions ITEG (spouse)


 Lucy Large

**resigned 01/10/21

English/Art02/10/17 - 01/10/21ParentEmployed by Contains Arts 
Dan HoweH&S12/3/18 - 11/3/22StaffEmployee WSAT
Hayley LakeChair 13/10/20 - 12/10/24DBE appointed 
Mickey Green Maths 5/10/18 - 4/10/22Parent Employed by SWP 
Nikki CottrellSIAMS/Safeguarding 4/7/21 - 3/7/25DBE Appointed  


Attendance at LGB meetings 2021-22

Y-  attended

X - apologies accepted

NA - No apologies received 


Kirsty CornishYYxX 

Nicola Cottrell

Jill Ewen YYYY 
Mickey Green YYYX 
Dan Hartley *resigned 31/12/21Y////
Dan HoweYYXY 
Andy Kingston James - (Chair until 12/10/20)NAYXX 
Hayley Lake (Chair appointed 13/10/20)YXYY 

Rob Lakin  - CEO 

Lucy Large *resigned Y////
David McGrath (Head 01/01/22)/YYY 

Attendance at LGB meetings 2020-21

Y-  attended

X - apologies accepted

NA - No apologies received 













Kirsty Cornish

Jill Ewen - Vice ChairYYYYYY
Mickey Green YYYYNX
Dan HartleyYYYYYY
Andy Kingston James - (Chair until 12/10/20)YYXXYY
Lucy LargeYYYYYY
Joanne TurnerYXYXX/
Hayley Lake (Chair appointed 13/10/20)/YYYYY

Paul Rushforth - CEO 

Nicola Cottrell/////Y

Hayley Lake - Chair of Governors


Hi, I'm Hayley Lake, originally from Ireland moving to West Somerset (via Aberdeen!) in 1999. I am married with 4 children; 2 who have attended Danesfield, 2 currently attending. Although I am a geologist, at the minute I work in adult education providing support to apprentices and learners. I have been a governor in the Trust for just over 5 years and especially enjoy meeting and talking to the children, who are undoubtably our greatest asset. I am determined to support this fantastic body of staff to ensure the years our children spend at Danesfield are the best that they can be allowing them to reach their full potential in every area. I am delighted to be part of the Local School Council at this warm and welcoming school.


Andy Kingston-James


Hello my name is Andy Kingston -James and have lived in West Somerset for the last 10 year having previously lived in Bath. I joined Danesfield as a governor when it was part of the Quantock Academy.  When the school joined the West Somerset Academies I became Vice Chair of Danesfield School LGB and then Chair in 2018 until October 2020: a role which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am also responsible for Humanities , Health and Safety , Science and IT Monitoring._


Mickey Green


I am parent to 3 children all who attend/have attended Danesfield . I live in Watchet and work as Managing Director for the Somerset Waste Partnership. I have a particular interest in supporting Danesfield to become even more environmentally friendly.


Dan Howe


I have been a working at Danesfield for the last 11 years and I am passionate about improving the life chances and aspirations of children as they leave our Middle School.  As  Head of Maths at Danesfield for 3 years I  work closely with governors and SLT. This means working both in front of the children and behind the scenes on the running of the school.

 I have a great relationship with our staff and community allowing me to bring the views of others to our governors’ meetings as part of the ongoing dialogue to move the school forward.

I enjoy the oversight of school that being a staff governor provides and feel that I can contribute, in a positive way, to key decisions and discussions. I also feel that the professional development I get from being part of the Governing Body is invaluable. The Governing Body (and staff as a whole) want what is best for our children, and we all pull in the same direction to try and achieve this. Outside of school, my time is filled by my children and my love of Basketball. Sport was a great stepping stone for me on my journey to becoming a teacher and has taught me valuable lessons.

I am at Danesfield for the long haul and really believe that I couldn’t find a better place to work; the children, community and staff are amazing.


Kirsty Cornish


Hello my name is Kirsty Cornish, I have lived in Watchet for all my life. I have worked in education for the last 26 year with children in the early years age group. I am married with two girls both have attended Old Cleeve first School, my older daughter went to Danesfield and my youngest started in Sept 2020. I first joined the governing body as a parent governor after being asked to by the chair. I have since changed my role to a foundation governor as I attend St Decuman's church. My roles on the governing body are PE and Foundation. In my spare time I am involved in Girl guiding and for the last 15 years have chaired the PTFSA at Old Cleeve school. In my younger days I played a lot of team sports in the community including, rugby, cricket and hockey. So I am passionate about children having great sporting opportunities.



Jill Ewen


I am Jill Ewen and have been involved in education for over 35 years. I have lived in West Somerset since 2013.  I became a governor at Danesfield in 2017 after leaving my post as a School Improvement Adviser with Somerset County Council.  I am the SEN and Pupil premium governor.

Nikki Cottrell


My name is Nicola Cottrell, known as Nikki. I have lived in West Somerset since a child. I attended St Peter's, Danesfield, and West Somerset Schools. I am married, with one child who currently  attends  Danesfield. 

I am self employed in agriculture, farming just outside  Williton. Being  part of the governing body is important to me, as I am delighted  to see our children  experience  a good education  in all aspects of life to  flourish  into young adults making their own decisions and choices.