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History Key subject skills-

 Description

 Explanation

 Interpretation

In KS2 units are taught so that they are relevant for the age group, in lower school students will develop a chronological understanding of historical events, and through learning a course of historically stimulating units should foster an interest for the subject and the story of the world in which we live.

Cross curricular links are exploited to emphasize the skills of explanation and narrative in writing and to give opportunities for developing reading skills across the curriculum. The history curriculum is organized across year 7 and 8 to follow a distinct chronological order. In year 7 early foci build the necessary GCSE skills such as description, analysis and written essay structure. In year 8 the topics interleave and provide stimulating topic content, which draws on the last 100 years of British history up until the early 1990s. This provides students with a broad contextual understanding and ample opportunity to apply the key skills to GCSE study. History incorporates key messages about inclusion and acceptance of other cultures with units such as the slave trade in Y7 and the Holocaust in Y8.