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Letter about Epraise

How To Access ePraise For Parents

what is epraise?

ePraise is a new, easy to use online system for actively rewarding students . ePraise makes it quick and easy for teachers to reward students for showing excellent behaviours for learning.  Pupils can log in, check how many points they have earned, look at their rankings within the school and receive accolades for outstanding achievements.

We feel it is important to give children the positive praise they deserve for performing to the best of their abilities within school, however it is also important to share that success with parents so that it can also be recognised at home. With ePraise you will be notified of any accolades and milestones your child receives automatically via email as well as check on their points in their various subject areas.


Registering with epraise

Registering yourself with ePraise is a simple process. All parents who have registered an email address with the school have already had their information uploaded to ePraise and matched with their child. This is the email address that you will use to log into ePraise:

Once here, you will be asked to enter your school name and then your email address and password. If you have not yet registered with ePraise, simply enter your email address and leave the password field blank, then click login / register.


Simply follow the instructions and set up a password for your account and that's it!