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Danesfield Local Governing Body is part of The West Somerset Academies Trust

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Danesfield Local Governing Body

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Please do not hesitate to contact the Clerk Helen Hatfield if you are interested in becoming a Governor or wish to learn more about the role of Governors. Alternatively, visit the National Governor Association website:

Meet the Governors


Danesfield School Local Governing Body consists of the Headteacher, 2x Board Elected Governors, 3x DBE elected Governors, 2x Parent Governors, and 1x Staff Governor.


Andy Kingston-James - Chair of Governors

Andy Kingston-James - Chair of Governors  1


Governors' Business Interests Academic Year 2017-18




Term of Office

Appointing Body

Business Interest

Pecuniary Interest

Cerys Randell

***resigned 05/09//18

Training/English Monitoring


10/06/16 - 09/06/20

DBE appointed

Member QA Trust, Trustee WSAT, governor St Peter’s LGB


Adam Evans

**resigned 31/08/18

Head -



Employee Danesfield


Hugh Alexander

**(resigned 05/03/18)

SEN Governor

18/12/17 - 17/12/21

DBE Appointed



Joanne Turner

Safeguarding Governor

01/05/16 - 30/04/20

DBE Appointed

Employee at Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre. NHS

Director: Mellory Ltd


Andy Kingston James


IT monitoring

05/06/16 - 04/06/20

Board Appointed

Member of Minehead Town Council/ Employee Hedley Price Funeral Directors/ Company Director AKJ Human resources


Kirsty Cornish

PE monitoring

26/6/2018 to 25/6/2022.

Diocese appointed 

Employee Old Cleeve Teddy Bears Nursery (part of WSAT)


Mark Westwood

*Resigned December 2017



01/05/16 - 30/04/20


Employee at Danesfield


Tiffany Doughty Davis

*Resigned December 2017



01/05/16 - 30/04/20


Employee at Danesfield


Nathan Speers

**(resigned 26/4/18)

H&S Governor 

06/07/17 - 05/07/21


Employee WSC


  Jill Ewen Pupil Premium / SEN 11/05/17 - 10/05/21 WSAT Board Appointed

Supporting Leaders in School (Consultancy)

Priory Court Management

ITEG Solutions ITEG (spouse)

 Lucy Large English 02/10/17 - 01/10/21 Parent    
Dan Howe   12/4/18 - 11/4/22 Staff Employee WSAT  
Michael Green   16/10/18 - 15/10/22 Parent Employee Somerset County Council SWP/ ex-spouse is a director at the Onion Collective,Contains Art and Minehead Eye    
Dan Hartley Head 01/09/18 Head Employee WSAT