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Company Members :

Cerys Randell, Paula Smythe, Liz White, Bernard Maynard-Smith,

Rev Clive Gilbert



Members: Cerys Randell, Liz White, Bernard Maynard-Smith


DBE appointed: Joanne Turner

CEO: Paul Rushforth (Principal)

Member appointed: Richard Lock, Karen Abraham, Andy Kingston-James

Mag Hatton (staff elected)

Maida White (parent elected)


Company Secretary (Clerk) Helen Hatfield


The governors can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors c/o Danesfield School


All Governors have declared their business interests and these are recorded on the Trust’s Register of Business Interests. At Governors’ meetings, if a potential conflict of interest arises, the relevant Governor withdraws from the discussion.

Governors work involves all aspects of the life of the three schools. We meet regularly as a full governing body, but we also do a lot of work in the various committees that have been created. The strategic decisions that we make are driven by the information we gather from our personal visits to the schools, our discussions with the wonderful staff there and by our committee meetings. These are split into three areas, Business, Teaching & Learning and Welfare. Alongside this each governor has their own area that they are involved with and which they monitor. So for example, there is a governor that looks at the teaching of Numeracy across the three schools, the same with Literacy. There is a governor with specific responsibility for Special Educational Needs and for the Gifted and Talented. We keep a watching brief on the behaviour and attendance in the schools and the standards of education that the children reach. A full record is kept of our decisions and the minutes of the governors meetings are available for people to see.


The overriding ethos of a good governing body though is teamwork. This means not just working together well as governors but also being involved with all the staff in the three schools. There are always interesting challenges within a group of schools and there are also great opportunities. We would welcome any input from all the people involved with the school; parents, children, staff and the community. Through federation the bonds between the three schools have developed enormously to the benefit of the children. As governors we are committed to ensuring this progress continues.


Cerys Randell

Chair of Governors


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