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Governor Information

Chair of Governors:  Andy Kingston James

Clerk to Governors:  Helen Hatfield


On behalf of the Governing Body, welcome to Danesfield C of E Middle School– a school we are all very proud of!


Governors are a group of committed people across our community working to support  the school to ensure that every child feels happy, safe and secure and receives the best education possible.


On 1 April 2017 Danesfield School joined the West Somerset Academies Trust.

We have a Local Governing Body which reports to the WSAT Board. 


Local Governing Body


Adam Evans - Headteacher

Andy Kingston James - Chair - WSAT Board-elected

Joanne Turner - Foundation Governor responsible for Safeguarding

Cerys Randell - Foundation Governor

Kirsty Cornish -Parent-elected

Jill Ewen - WSAT Board-elected responsible for Pupil Premium

Nathan Speers - Parent- elected responsible for H&S

Lucy Large - Parent-elected 

Dan Howe- Staff-elected


Clerk - Helen Hatfield


Attendance at LGB meetings 2017-18

23/1/18 20/3/18
 Kirsty Cornish         ✔       X  


Andy Kingston James (Chair)  
Adam Evans


Cerys Randell
Jill Ewen

Hugh Alexander (resigned 18/3/18)
Joanne Turner


Tiffany Doughty Davis (resigned 21/12/17)

 Mark Westwood (resigned    4/12/17)

        ✔       / n/a  

Nathan Speers


         X       X  
Lucy Large (appointed 10/10 17)        ✔     ✔     
Dan Howe (appointed 21/3/18) n/a n/a n/a